Silicone Rubber Food Bands

Australia is fast becoming one of the top countries for packaging waste, which sadly is nothing to be proud of.

According to statistics, Australia’s packaging waste escalates dramatically each year with over 1.6 million tonnes being sent to landfill each year 1. Why not help change this around as by using Kids on Abington products you can help lessen waste and improve our country’s environment. By preparing lunches that are packaging waste free, we can reduce waste by up to 500 tonnes a year! WOW! Now that is something fantastic.

Our silicone rubber food bands assist in less packaging waste by reducing the need for wrapping foods in foil or plastic wrap. These clever little stretchy wonders pull tight around anything you need to keep tidy or together from a bundle of pencils, a ponytail or of course, lunch!

Good Use for Silicone Bands

Packing a wrap or roll in your child’s lunch simply twist the silicone wrap band around the roll to stop it unrolling and keep it fresh and together. The silicone rubber bands are packed in a delightful and great value pack of five different sized and coloured silicone bands. Green clover, yellow butterfly, orange bear, pink rabbit and purple cherry blossom, silicone rubber bands are exactly the tool you need to tidy and freshen up your lunch creations.

Kids on Abington also like to use these silicone rubber bands to decorate a gift, or secure our child’s snack box to their drink bottle when we go out and about, making the bundle easy to grab out of a full bag. I have to tell you a secret – some of my silicone wrap bands were missing from my kitchen and where were they? My husband had found them and decided they were the perfect option to put them in his diary to stop the pages falling out! Very creative of him, just goes to show though, they have many uses and are only limited by your imagination.

Silicone Band Styles

Smaller in style to the large silicone rubber bands and in an array of adorable shapes, our silicone kawaii (Japanese for cute) bands are perfect for bundles of vegetables or fruits, cheese sticks or crackers. Just stretch them around any little food items for instant sweetness. Cute even just popped in the lunchbox as decoration these handy little guys are really useful. BPA free and easy to wash popped in the dishwasher we love to secure little snack bags with these sweeties. Suitable for other uses as well, great for bundling stationery supplies for school or even an emergency hair tie, grab a packet of these for a terrific value pack.

Our silicone kawaii band pack comes in a pack of ten silicone rubber bands in an assortment of bright colours. Shapes match any lunch theme you could think of with a spoon, fork, music notes, star, coffee cup, coffee pot, cooking pot, cloud, heart and baby apple.

A great way to start reducing waste and helping keep our beautiful country rubbish free, add some of these stretchy little wonders to your shopping cart today and enjoy brightening up your lunches.

1 Planet Ark - Recycling Revolution Report - Accessed 16th January 2016

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