Kids Sandwich Cutters - A Parent's best friend

Sandwich cutters can be a parents best friend in the kitchen. Making the same old sandwich day in and day out can be really boring. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make a sandwich exciting?

Introducing our range of kids sandwich cutters that turn ordinary sandwiches into yummy and exciting adventures.

Sandwich cutters work well in all families, even those with fussy eaters

It is incredible to watch kids when they realise that their sandwich is no longer a sandwich. It's a soccer ball, butterfly, train, puzzle or even an icecream. Kids sandwich cutters bring lunch to life. Ask a child what they had for lunch and you'll probably hear 'I ate a princess' or 'I ate a car'. Kids love to use their imagination and sandwich cutters certainly do spark their little minds.

Sandwich cutters work well in all families, even those with fussy eaters. We have seen the fussiest little eater eat 3 puzzle sandwiches in a row because it was a puzzle! It is amazing that just by changing the shape can increase their appetite and excitement about food. Another little trick with fussy eaters is they can choose the shape and cut it out themselves if they are old enough. Then they're eating the sandwich that they made! Who wouldn't want to eat a sandwich shaped like a cake?!

School lunches - those with preschool and school age kids know the grind of trying to make lunches their kids will eat. The main item in every Australian school lunch box is a sandwich. Now it's super easy to spruce up a kids lunch box with any of our sandwich cutters. It takes no time at all to punch out the shape and it's very effective.

Birthday parties can now have the best looking sandwiches and fairy bread. Imagine one supersized fairy bread puzzle, or a plate of train sandwiches. Anything is possible when you have kids sandwich cutters on hand.

If you're wondering what to do with the crusts that you cut off, we have an idea that you may like. You can create your own breadcrumbs or croutons for cooking. Delicious! You can freeze them until you're ready. Either way they are being used and not being thrown into the waste.

Such a simple device yet very, very effective.

We have a few different designs and types of sandwich cutters in our online store. The Lunch Punch sandwich cutters come with 4 different shapes in each box and each box is themed - Sporty, Puzzles, Critters, VrrRRMM, Sweets and Sandwishes.

We have lots of bento sandwich cutters available in store too. Some of them come with stamps which you can press down and imprint on to the sandwich. You can take this one step further and colour the imprint with edible markers (food pens). A tip is to colour the stamp with the markers first and then press down on to the sandwich.

Sandwich cutters are also ideal for - sandwiches, fairybread, cheese, playdough, toast and cookies. What are you waiting for? It's time to get creative!

Sandwich cutters, Australia your lunch is ready!