Reusable Food Pouches in Australia

At Kids On Abington we love our reusable food pouches and we use them with our own kids. They are very sturdy and the kids love them.You may be wondering how to use them, clean them and what to put into them? We are going to cover all of that and by the time you’ve read this you’ll be a pro!

Reusable food pouches are a convenient, cost effective and nutritious way to store meals for on the go. Reusable food pouches are simply a storage device. There is a spout on the side where kids can suck the food out by themselves or it can be squeezed onto a spoon for babies. If they don’t finish their pouch simply screw the lid back on to have later.

Filling your reusable food pouch is super easy.

There is a large opening at the top of the pouch where you can pour the food in either by using a steady hand or by using our collapsible funnel. Before filling make sure the gusset at the base of the pouch is open as far as it goes so the full potential of the pouch is used. Simply fill to the fill line on the food pouch. Be sure not to go over the line as it will make it hard to close. If freezing fill to just under the line to allow for expansion. Screw the lid on and close the top opening by sliding your fingers along the zip lock closure a few times to make sure it’s sealed.

To clean them simply rinse them in warm water when you get home and place them on the top rack of the dishwasher or wash in warm soapy water and rinse. Between uses we find it best to place them in the freezer just incase there are any wet spots in them this will stop bacteria growing.

There are many different uses for reusable food pouches.

Apart from them being ideal for kids they are also great for adults who like to drink smoothies, green juices and protein shakes. They’re great for soups to take to work or freeze for another nights dinner. They’re handy in the kitchen for left over stock and gravy and they’re great for pancake mixes, yum!

A few other uses that you may not have thought of are trips to the beach. If you’re like us and buy a big container of sunscreen simply choose a pouch that can be your sunscreen pouch so you don’t have to lug the big bottle around. Camping is another great example for your shampoo and conditioner, sauces and salad dressings for picnics.

Some favourites for kids are: Custard, yogurt, jelly, smoothies, purees, frozen milo, farex and for a convenient breakfast try weet-bix and milk. They are great for school lunches and in summer freeze your pouch and it will act as a convenient ice brick.

Our reusable food pouches are something that mums across Australia trust. They are BPA, PVC and phthalate free, dishwasher safe and can be used over and over again. As a mum myself they are so much easier to carry around than containers and way less messy.

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