Silicone Ice Block Moulds

We know how frustrating it is when you want to give your child a treat, particularly an ice block but the commercial varieties tend to be full of sugars, preservatives or ingredients you would rather your child didn’t have. This is why we love our Kids on Abington silicone ice block moulds. They allow you to make ice blocks for your child with whatever ingredients you choose. These little beauties are not only gorgeously coloured, BPA free and easy to clean, but have the most adorable little caps that can be popped back on if your child doesn’t finish their ice block. The beauty of using these silicone ice block moulds is that they are completely waste free, reusable and allow you the flexibility to add whatever ingredients your heart desires.

Homemade ice blocks are very popular with a multitude of delicious ideas abounding in cookbooks, magazines and online. Just imagine treating your child to a completely dairy free ice block of refreshing pineapple juice, coconut water and blueberries… or consider something a little more decadent with peaches and cream. Suitable for freezing yogurts, milks, fruits and fruit juices, purees, smoothies and vegetables…basically any liquid you like, silicone ice block tubes are easily filled by simply pouring your choices into the tube. Close up with the little silicone cap and pop in to the freezer!

We have found these invaluable when a child is feeling unwell to help with some much needed fluids and we know you’ll love having an ice block that little hands can hold without getting messy or cold. The simple style of the silicone ice block mould means no more of those nasty plastic tubes that are freezing cold to hold, have to be cut open, and have sharp edges. Kids on Abington silicone ice block tubes are perfect even for very little children.

Whilst these little beauties look very similar to commercial ice blocks in cardboard tubes, the silicone tube will not get moist or break apart. You also need very little room in your freezer to make them! No need for big contraptions or ice block stands that take up a huge space – these little guys can easily be tucked anywhere there is a space in the freezer, sideways, upside down…doesn’t matter! Not only will you be enjoying a terrific and fun product for your child, but you can rest easy that you have bought an item which can be used over and over again.

Don’t forget though, liquids expand when you freeze them

So remember to fill your ice block moulds not quite to the top so they won’t expand too much and the lid will pop off! Now, we have a secret, you can use these ice block moulds for other clever little tricks – in your handbag with the tube full of little snacks for the kids, dried fruits or nuts. Or even for a secure little tube to pop jewellery, coins or other small items in.

Kids on Abington have a fabulous range of Silicone ice block moulds called “My Lil’ Ice Pop” Silicone Ice Block Moulds. Every pack of ice block moulds comes in a collection of four tubes with lids. Every tube holds a massive 80ml of liquid.

Try this for a simple starter recipe that your whole family will love using your silicone ice block moulds:

Tropical Delight Silicone Ice Mould Recipe

½ a pineapple, peeled, cored and chopped 1 large mango, peeled and chopped 4 passionfruit 2 cups sugar free lemonade

Place pineapple and mango in a blender or food processor and blend till smooth. Remove to a jug and add lemonade and passionfruit and stir well. Pour into moulds, press on lids and store in freezer till set.

Save money, be healthy and environmentally friendly with Kids on Abington My Lil Ice Pop Silicone Ice Block Moulds.

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