Food & Cookie Cutters Australia

Have you been searching for food cutters? Kids on Abington have a delightful array of gorgeous food cutters that are perfect for sandwiches, cheese, meats, fruits and vegetables and of course can be used as cookie cutters.

Do we have cookie cutters Australia? You bet, and Kids on Abington have some of the best ranges available. With choices in abundance from alphabets to bears and woodlands, love hearts, umbrellas, music notes and miniature adorable shapes you can create anything from ladybugs to rocket ships for your child’s lunch. One of our favourites has to be the ABC Food Cutters - this set is incredible value and includes picks for gently pushing the cut food from the plastic shape.

Food Cutters to Make The Lunch Ideas Endless

The ideas are endless with these food cutter packs, perhaps you can create a forest for your child to enjoy a teddy bears picnic, what about rainy day clouds, rainbows and umbrellas - or perhaps an adorable little lunch-o-love made with different sized hearts. The cutter sets with stamps are extra value as you can colour on the stamp image with edible markers (also available at Kids on Abington) and press on to your child's shaped sandwich. We simply love just cutting fresh watermelon and rockmelon into sweet shapes for afternoon tea.

All cutters are made of ABS plastic, well known for its durability, impact resistance and strength plus fabulous colours. Every piece in the set you purchase will be BPA food safe. A further bonus is that most regular cookie cutters you buy are just too big to create mini food treats for your child, all these pieces are beautiful bite sized shapes, just perfect for little hands and mouths.

We find the cutters not only useful for cookies, sandwiches and lunch prep, but also a heap of fun for your child to play with play dough or plasticine. Practicing their spelling, making their name, creating - play dough is great for strengthening little hands and preparing them for scissor and pencil use.

Food cutters and cookie cutters are quickly becoming the Bento "must have" accessory as shaped food can change a lunch from boring to adorable, or as the Japanese describe it … "kawaii"… meaning cute - in just a manner of seconds. Our children adore their food cut in cute shapes and we know yours will too. Useful not only for lunchboxes but also so sweet for picnics, parties and meals at home, creating sweet little lunches your child will be so excited to eat. Even for those of us not very "creative" these little cutter sets can help make your child's lunch sweet with minimal effort. Our kids are precious and it's so fun to surprise them with a special lunch just for them.

Such a simple device yet very, very effective.

Creating lunches that appeal to your child's sense of fun and imagination or to celebrate a special event or day assists them in their eating and encourages fussy eaters. Kids on Abington love that these cutters are helping pave the way for more environmentally friendly and healthy lunches for Aussie kids.

Check out the gorgeous lunches made by one of our customers in our very own Kids on Abington Original Yumbox with sandwiches cut with the Sweets Mini Sandwich Cutter, ham and cheese cut with the Obento Mini Food Cutters and tiny apple cookies cut from the Obento Mini Food Cutters.

So whether you are wishing to cut simple cute shapes, create a bento lunch sensation or go all out and make your child's lunch 'obento' (the polite Japanese honorary term for a fabulous lunch) you will find the Kids on Abington food and cookie cutters an excellent purchase choice.

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