My Lil Ice Pop

My Lil Ice Pop is an Australia brand that makes brightly coloured silicone ice block moulds. My Lil Ice Pop launched into the Australia market place in the summer of 2014/2015. With their attractive brightly coloured and very sturdy silicone moulds they quickly became a staple in many freezers across the country.

With a variety of colours available to choose from there is a My Lil Ice Pop for everyone. They are currently available in packs of four in Rainbow, Pink/Purple, Blue/Green and Yellow and Orange colours. All of them come with lids which is super convenient because you can lay them down in the freezer without them spilling and if your child hasn’t finished or never completes a full ice block, you can pop the lid back on and pop it in the freezer for later on.

What should you fill your My Lil Ice Pop with?

Any flavours your kids and yourself enjoy! It’s a good way to get some nutritious goodness into your kids without them realising it. Freshly juiced fruit and vegies taste delicious frozen. There is something about it being frozen that makes them taste way nicer. But let’s not forget the simple cordial ice blocks that go down a treat too. On a different note maybe pop some yogurt in them for a yummy summertime frozen treat? Or what about a frozen smoothie at breakfast? Yum!

For kids with allergies, My Lil Ice Pops are a great way to make yummy ice blocks suited to their needs and an excellent alternative to store brought ice blocks. This way they don’t miss out and they still get to enjoy a frozen treat that you’ve controlled the ingredients to. Because they come with handy lids this makes them portable to take in the car, on picnics and to friends houses (in an esky or cooler bag of course!). You can now sit back and relax knowing what’s in them and that they won’t have a reaction.

For kids that love getting involved in the kitchen

My Lil Ice Pops are a great way for kids to play and to come up with new flavours and recipes. It’s a fun activity to get the whole family involved with. Having a party? Why not prepare a pile of them to enjoy with your friends? I wonder what yummy maybe even adult flavours (wine hint, hint!) you’ll come up with?

My Lil Ice Pops are reusable time and time again. They are great if you’re on a budget, are looking for a cost effective treat or love to control more of what your kids eat. Let’s not forget the environment and the amount of plastic you save from ending up in the rubbish and landfill by using reusable ice pop moulds.

We love that they are easy for little hands to hold and sturdy enough that they can’t bite through them. They are also really easy to clean in warm soapy water or on the top rack of the dishwasher. They are made from 100% FDA approved food grade silicone.

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