Litecups in Australia

The Litecup is an ingenious invention by a UK parent who wanted to create a spill proof sippy cup for his kids. He wanted to promote mess free independent drinking so that his kids could drink without creating spills making his job as a parent easier. And he did just that.

The Litecup is a spill proof sippy cup with a night light. This very clever parent not only made a sippy cup that would be cool to drink from and a blessing for parents, he made it with a night light so it can be placed anywhere around the bed and be found.

So how does the Litecup work?

Litecups have a 360 degree drinking edge meaning that it is just like a normal cup and can be drunk from anywhere around the rim. There are no straws or spouts which often get used as comfort suckers. Right around the rim of the cup is a valve and with a small suck it starts a natural drinking experience. As soon as drinking stops the valve closes back up again. It is recommended to avoid fizzy and hot drinks in the Litecup as it has not been designed for these. It's especially good for water, juice, cordial, ice tea and milk.

Litecups aren't just for kids. Any member of the family can use them. They are especially good for members of the family that may shake a lot and drinking can prove to be a difficult task for them. Or if you're like me and love to have a glass of water beside the bed this saves those messes where you misjudge the glass in the middle of the night!

Let's talk about the night light.

What a great idea to have a night light in a cup. Apart from the novelty it is downright practical. It can be manually turned on and off or you can set it to 'on' and because it is light sensitive it comes on when it gets dark and turns off when it becomes light. Just remember to remove the light before washing the cup. It comes in its own little case and can be easily lifted out with a blunt object like a spoon. I have made a video showing how to do this below.

It's a very easy sippy cup to clean and reassemble. It has to be the easiest I've come across as a parent to two little munchkins.

Generally around the home these are an absolute blessing. I cannot count the times I have cleaned drinks up off the floor prior to the Litecup. But these aren't just for at home. They are brilliant for the car, boat, visiting friends and family, going on a picnic, to the beach, using in hospital, going camping and school concerts (any concerts) to name a few. Pretty much anywhere you go the Litecup is good to follow.

Lightcup Australia is available seven colours, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange and clear. What's great about the colours is that they are not kid like. The colours are bold which makes them suitable for all ages.

It's also worth noting that the Litecup Australia is spill proof, not 100% leak proof. If your child holds the sippy cup upside down and shakes and shakes it, small drops will come outs. On the rare occasion it gets caught in bed sheets and the valve is pushed open, well of course liquid will come out.

For a closer look at the Litecups, check out the video we made below: