Bibska Bibs

Welcome to the world of Bibska Bibs. Bibska is an Australian brand owned by a mum in QLD whose drive was to turn the humble bib into a stylish fashion accessory while still maintaining its function. After months and months of design work and many late nights she finalized the design. After testing it on her own kids and friends kids it took off with lots of parents wanting their kids to wear a highly functional and stylish bib. Of course Kids On Abington was right onto this and was one of their very first stockists all those years ago.

Currently Bibska bibs are renowned for their dribble bibs

If you don't know what a dribble bib is you may of heard of the word 'bandana bib', which is the same thing. Bibska bibs sit higher than standard bibs. Because of this they catch and absorb dribble and milk drool faster before it wets your baby's neckline and clothes. A wet neckline and wet clothes can lead to dribble rash, something my first born was prone to as he was a big dribbler. When I came across Bibska bibs I never looked back. His dribble rash calmed down and he looked mighty cute wearing them. With my second born she wasn't much of a dribbler but I used them religiously with her. I loved that they didn't hide her outfit but rather add to her outfits. I always had more than one Bibska bib in the nappy bag and I encourage everyone to do the same.

Suitable Ages

Our range of Bibska bibs are suitable from 0 - 3 years. They are a necessity that grows with your child through their bib wearing days. In fact because they are designed with two snap buttons on the back to alter sizing, the same bib can be worn right the way through. They are machine washable and wash up beautifully time and time again.

During the design period, Bibska bibs discovered that by putting unique folds in the material that it helped to disguise any wet spots. The folds are also there to catch any crumbs from the likes of finger food like an arrowroot biscuit. This set them apart from other designs and made them very popular. The backing of their bibs is super absorbent creating extra protection from dribble and milk.

We stock a broad range of Bibska Bibs for both boys and girls. Our aim has always been to keep a good amount available for both sexes. Bibska are always on top of the current trends and are constantly updating their material designs to cater for the popularity of the season.

Our Bibska bibs are a hot item for baby gifts, if not for baby showers but when bubs is born especially if the parents-to-be are having a surprise. Our customers come back again and again increasing the range they own with the new seasons trends.

Well done Bibska on creating a bib that not only has a functional side but looks good too!