Time to Smile: Flavored Toothpaste is here!

The only problem is that most kids need to be chased around the house just to have them brush their teeth. Some need to be carried towards the sink and some don’t even want to brush their teeth at all. The main reason for that is about the toothpaste. Kids don’t want mint toothpaste that stings to their tongues.

There are many kids toothpastes in stores but most still have small amount of mints in them. To make your kids want to brush their teeth regularly rather than running away from it, choose the best flavored toothpaste for kids with no mint at all that suits their tastes. Jack N Jill Organic Kids Toothpaste comes in 5 delicious flavours - Blueberry (pictured), Strawberry, Banana, Blackcurrant and Raspberry.

All of these kids flavored toothpastes are 100% safe for kids in case they accidentally swallowed the product. They are made from natural organic ingredients that can protect the gums of your kids from inflammation. Using these products will keep your mind at ease and make your kids enjoy their brushing moments.

Ingredients: Silica, Vegetable Glycerin, Xylitol, Certified Organic Calendula officinalic Extract, Certified Organic Natural Flavour, Purified Water.

Please note this product is no longer available.