Our Journey To A Healthier Eating

For some of us though, getting our kids to eat healthy food can be a real struggle, after all, I was one of those fussy eating kids who simply was never really hungry, refused food at every meal time (unless it was a vegemite sandwich), never liked to try new food and had my parents in a real worry over me.  Now I have my own babies and I am blessed that they do eat pretty good but after watching friends struggle and knowing what my own parents went through it got me thinking… getting kids to eat healthier would be even better and easier on everyone if we made it fun. Back in the 1980’s when I was a youngen, there wasn’t a lot of information at my parents fingertips, no internet (can you imagine?).  So after a lot of late night thinking and researching I thought I would share our journey and what we discover along the way.

Master 4.5 goes to big school next year and what does that mean mum has to do? Lunches! Boy oh boy has it changed since I went to school.

While touring around the schools in our local area, I have discovered so many things. One of the main ones that took me by surprise has been the introduction of no waste or minimal waste. This means that your child brings home their empty wrappers. Minimal or no wrapping at all is being encouraged. While I thought what a great way to save the environment it also got me thinking what on earth am I going to wrap his food up in? Low and behold by some spooky coincidence I received an email showing me a range of environmentally friendly Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags which were perfect choices for lunches at school. I soon discovered that my prayers had been answered and that Kids On Abington had to stock them! Not only for ourselves but so we can help and inspire other parents as well.

What I really like is that they not only answered my prayers in being able to pack a 'nude lunch' for my son to take to school but that they were so easy to clean by simply putting them in the washing machine and washing on cool with like colours. To dry, hang them on the clothes line. I love it when things are made easy.

Some other things you may like to know:

  • Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags are made with an FDA approved, BPA-free lining.
  • They are lead free, phthalate free and CPSIA Certified.
  • They can be used for sliced fruit like watermelon and dry food like biscuits as well as other bits and pieces such as ipods and keys.
  • The lining is waterproof and the exterior is made from 100% cotton fabric.

I’ll be posting all different and wonderful things to do with meal times, making food fun for kids, craft time and hints and tips for kids and family life.

I hope you enjoy our journey. These are my findings that work with my kids, so please be mindful to speak with your healthcare professional for all medical complaints.

Please pop in regularly, I promise to make my posts loads of fun and inspiring.

You can purchase Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags in Australia through Kids On Abington.

Simone xo