Environmentally friendly school lunches

Let me introduce you to bento lunch boxes and snack bags. Two of the most amazing products I’ve discovered in our journey so far.

Itzy Ritzy Bento Lunch Boxes

Bento is a Japanese term that means ‘convenient’. So a bento lunch box is a convenient lunch box. There are all different types of bento lunch boxes but the ones we stock are double decker (my eldest loves them)! The top level is big enough to hold a sandwich and the bottom level is divided into three compartments. You do not need to wrap any food. All food will stay in its own compartment and will not touch any other food. Convenient plus! Time saving for parents because they don’t have to wrap every bit of food every day, kids don’t have to fight with packaging, money saving because there is no need to keep buying plastic wrap therefore… there is less wastage which means we’re doing our bit for the environment and our kids will have less wastage to bring home. Aaah what a mouthful. You might need to go back a re-read the benefits again.

Not only does my 4.5 year old get a funky looking lunch box, my 11 month old also has one. You may be wondering why on earth has she given her little baby one, when currently she only has 6 teeth? My answer is simple. I’m teaching her from a young age to eat healthy. We use it when we go to the shops, in the car and on outings. My entire next blog post is all about this, so make sure to read it.


Snack Bag

What in heavens name is a snack bag? Apart from looking down right trendy, brightly coloured and simply stunning, a snack bag is simply a bag that holds snacks. Sweet you say, I’ve already got a box of plastic zip lock bags in the cupboard. We’re not talking about plastic zip lock bags, we’re talking about the coolest looking, brightly covered, stylish, hot with the Hollywood stars eco friendly reusable snack bags. Yep! Snack bags that will blow your socks off. FDA approved, BPA free and PVC free lining, phthalate free, lead free, machine washable with a 100% cotton exterior in the most up-to-date modern and stylish fabrics. They are snack bags that can carry more then just snacks such as crayons, iPods, toiletries, cameras, and phones. They are great for traveling or day trips, camping, taking to the beach or the snow. They are pretty versatile little bags.

  • Snack Bags available at Kids On Abington

Lets look at it this way, the average lunch contains every day on average 4 small plastic bags. If you do this 5 times a week for a year…that’s over 1000 zip lock/plastic bags per person! Mind blowing! You can clearly see you will save money with reusable eco friendly snack bags and your kids will have the coolest looking lunches!

But Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags and bento lunch boxes for kids in Australia.