Dribble Bibs

Just before your baby is born, you were already buying things for them so you wouldn't need to go out and buy something when your baby comes into this world. For your baby’s first six months, you will only feed them by breastfeed or bottle feed. But after those months, you will need to feed them something light for their stomach. And of course, feeding time will be surely messy! To avoid or lessen the mess of your baby while you feed them, there are lots of bibs in different colors and cute designs you can choose from. These bibs can also be worn outside because the style is just like a cute baby scarf that would really look adorable for your baby.

Baby boys should have baby boy’s colors. This Aussie Baby Dribble Bib will show your little boy’s Aussie spirit. It has cute Australian flags in it and a color shade of sky blue. There is another bib that is cute but at the same time, organic. If you prefer to put something plain on your baby, choose the Denim Baby Dribble Bib. This doesn’t have prints on it but it has the denim design that will make your baby look like a cowboy. There are also bibs with checkered designs for boys. These are the Pinwheel Dribble Bib and School Boy Dribble Bib. Your baby can also look like super in a bib. Buy him the Superman Dribble bib and let him look fantastic.


There are also bibs for baby girls that would surely look cute at them. If your baby girl is a  sweet kind of baby, give her Sweetheart Dribble Bib. It has multiple girly colors that are cool and fresh to the eyes. If you want her to be a little punk star, there is a Skull N Bows Girls Dribble Bib. It has the combination of black, pink, white color and cute skulls with ribbons. You can let her look like a cute little gardener with this Rose Garden Dribble bib. The big rose designs on this bib will make your little girl adorable.

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