Customer Review from the Gorgeous Narelle, VIC

We recently asked our gorgeous customer Narelle a few questions about her shopping experience with Kids On Abington. Here is her response:


1. How did you find us? Friends

2. Which product/s did you purchase from us?  Block Party printables

3. What appealed to you about the product/s? The variety available and the opportunity it provided to make an ok party super awesome.  The colors in the printables were perfect and added a special touch

4. Out of the product/s you’ve purchased from us which one is you all time favourite? Party printables

5. When shopping with us, who are you shopping for and why? My children, they deserve beautiful quality items which is why I shop at Kids On Abington.

6. Overall how was your shopping experience with us? Better than expected, Phillip and Simone were soooooo helpful, nothing was too much for them.  They were quick to respond and the printables were emailed to me in no time at all.  The colors were perfect, I didn’t expect to have so much variety in what they offered, there was no detail missed.

7. Would you recommend us to your friends? Absolutely, all of my friends at my son’s party were asking about the party printables.

8. Why do you like shopping with us? I love online shopping and Kids On Abington make it an even more pleasant fuss free experience.  It’s always nice to know you’re purchasing from real people who care about their business and customers.  This would be the online shop I’d be happy to recommend to anyone and everyone.

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Here are some pics Narelle sent us from her sons Block party! If you'd like to have an awesome party like Narelle has done for her son, click here to see our range of kids party printables.