Christmas Gifts For Babies - A Guide For Non-Parents!

Your Christmas shopping list has grown by the addition of one beautiful baby, but you have no idea what is a suitable gift for this new addition. Stepping into the baby department of any store will see you swamped with possibilities, but no idea on what would be worthwhile. We have the perfect solutions for non-parents to help you find the most wonderful gift that will be enjoyed and well received, with just the click of a mouse.

Perfect gifts for babies

Step away from main-stream boring baby necessities and find something unique and you have a winner. People will be amazed at how you came up with such a clever idea.

Balloon BallBalloon Balls - Colourful and bright, these clever balloon balls are a soft cover that you place a balloon in and inflate. Baby then has a very light weight ball that they can play with. They are perfect for parents to take with them when going out as they fold flat when the inflated balloon is removed. Multi coloured panels are visually stimulating and invite play.




Custom Wooden Names - A beautiful addition to any nursery is a custom wooden name. They can be hung on the wall or will stand up on a

Wooden Namesdresser. The letters in their name will be amongst the first they learn to recognise as they see them daily. They are available in a wide range of colours, to suit any nursery decor.



Amber NecklaceAmber Necklace - An amber necklace suitable for boys and girls is not just a pretty accessory, but a traditional tool to help relieve the pain and symptoms in teething babies. This could be one of the most helpful gifts to give a baby, especially for parents who like using natural remedies for treating their baby.

Baby Sunglasses - A baby’s eyes need protection from the sun just like ours do. These very cute kids sunglasses come with a removable head strap, are shatterproof and will float if accidentally dropped into the water. They provide 100% UV protection from glare.

If you love a bargain, then you must visit our website often. With stock rotating regular, you just never know what clever idea’s you will find at super prices. Online shopping for presents is so much easier than hitting the shops and being confronted with so many choices that you will probably walk out empty handed and more confused than ever. Christmas gifts for babies that are a little different like those above are guaranteed to be winners.