Belinda from Bibska - the coolest dribble bibs on the planet

Yep the savvy business women and mum who is behind this incredible brand that's recently been spotted in Womens Day being worn by the ever gorgeous Hudson, Guy Sebatians son. Here is what she had to say about her extremely popular dribble bibs, that are being worn by babies world-wide.

  1. Could you tell us a little bit about your company? At Bibska we make bibs, bibs and more bibs! Our most popular line by far is our dribble bib design.
  2. When did you realise that this could be more then a dream and become a reality? When my first wholesale orders came through, I thought, “wow! Other people actually think my products will sell in their stores and they are willing to buy them!” Before those first orders came in I was in a constant state of panic.
  3. What is the most exciting thing about what you do? The manufacturing and wholesaling side isn’t really surrounded with excitement but being a brand owner is very exciting. Seeing your brand in the magazines, online and while out shopping seeing little ones wearing your product it is unbelievably exciting. You have to control how excited you are when around strangers (haha)
    • Gift to the Royal baby from Today Show's Leila Mckinnon live in London - Aussie Baby Dribble bib.
  4. From the dribble bibs we stock from you, what is your favourite bib and why? The Aussie Baby dribble bib is my favourite by far. I love it when people buy them to send overseas or for their little ones to wear on Australia Day. National pride is very strong in Australia and people love to wear the flag and I love seeing it on the machines being made up.
  5. Where do you find your inspiration? From the seasonal trends to get the latest looks, because Bibska Bibs are part of babies outfits they need to fit in with clothing that is in store. Also I love looking through old photos and magazines to find classic looks and styles of print that are timeless.
  6. What makes your dribble bibs stand out amongst your competitors? Bibska Bibs have a quality finish and stay looking great wash after wash. Multiple layers of fabric equal maximum absorbency. With over 40 prints to choose from there will be a perfect match for every little personality.
  • Some of the gorgeous designs in-store now

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