Australia Day with Zipzicles and My Lil Pouches

Australia Day with Zipzicles and My Lil Pouch

I made jelly! Lemon and lime jelly…you would think that would be easy wouldn’t you? Well not with two kids trying to help. Usually I make a point of getting them to help me in the kitchen but this time I wanted to make sure I had enough jelly left in the bowl to fill the Zipzicles and My Lil Pouches.  It was of course a breeze and using a handy collapsible funnel I poured the jelly into the Zipzicles and My Lil Pouches and let them set in the fridge (I stood the Zipzicles in a cup). Once they were set, I transferred the Zipzicles to the freezer for some frozen jelly fun!

I brought some Australia Flag stickers from a cheap shop and stuck them onto the Zipzicles and reusable food pouches. The only thing we found was that as the ice blocks melted the stickers started to slide around but we didn’t think that was an issue. The kids loved them! And that is what was important.

Reusable Food Pouch My Lil Pouch

What are Zipzicles and My Lil Pouches?

Zipzicles are a great invention, they are a portable and reusable zip lock ice block pouch. Love, love love! So this means as a parent I can put whatever I like into the ice block be it  very healthy or sometimes a special treat like today. Also because they are zip locked it means kids or adults with allergies can take them away from the home (in an esky) and they can enjoy an ice block at the beach or park without missing out. A little boy in the US came up with idea for Zipzicles because he couldn’t eat store brought ice blocks. We are so excited that you can now buy Zipzicles in Australia through Kids On Abington.

My Lil Pouches are a reusable food pouch that were designed by an awesome lady in Brisbane, Queensland. I’m sure she’s grinning reading this! What I love about the My Lil Pouches apart from the gorgeous lady that owns the brand is how sturdy they are. We have used them over and over again and they still come out looking great after 2 kids have finished with them. I also love that they come with larger lids to stop little kids (such as my 18 month old) putting them in their mouths! My Lil Pouches are great for school lunch boxes as they are available in both a 100ml and a 200ml pouch – we just love them!

With Australia Day coming up and the temperature soaring across the country it’s time to fill the Zipzicles and My Lil Pouches with your favourites and sit back and enjoy.

Zipzicles in Australia